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Kate Winslet to star in HBO's Mare Of Easttown, which sounds British as hell

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Hear ye, hear ye! Let it be known that on this day, her royal acting highness Kate Winslet has formally committed to gracing the most humblest of screens—otherwise known as “televisions”—with her presence. As Variety reports, Winslet will star in and executive produce a new HBO limited series titled Mare Of Easttown, and although it sounds exceedingly British, the plot description is most assuredly not. The series stars Winslet as “a small-town Pennsylvania detective whose life crumbles around her as she investigates a local murder.” Those residing in the middle of the Anglophile and Murderino Venn diagram, please stand up.


Mare Of Easttown is Winslet’s first television project in eight years: She previously played the title role in the fantastic 2011 limited series adaptation of Mildred Pierce, written and directed by Todd Haynes, also for HBO. Mare Of Easttown (which is, again, not British) was created by Brad Ingelsby (Run All Night), who wrote all the episodes and will serve as showrunner and executive producer. Gavin O’Connor, who previously directed Warrior and Jane Got A Gun, will also serve as executive producer in addition to directing every episode of Mare Of Easttown–which, we assure you, is totally not British.

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