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Kate Winslet steps into the revolving door of Jobs

Jobs has gone from a mint condition iPod Classic to a Microsoft Zune with a faulty battery in recent months. First the Aaron Sorkin-penned Steve Jobs biopic was dropped by Sony mere weeks before that company’s own troubles began, then bought as-is by Universal. Then the film, its screen cracked from being dropped but still perfectly functional, tried to court Natalie Portman for its lead female role, only to be rejected, presumably because Portman believes in DRM-free digital music.

Now Kate Winslet is up for the role that Portman rejected. And while having Kate Winslet interested in your film is hardly something to be embarrassed about, Jobs is having trouble hanging on to both directors and stars, meaning that we may very well see another name attached to the project next week. Quietly slipping the news into the Internet’s collective pocket on a day when we are all preoccupied with other things is also a bad sign. Maybe one of Sorkin’s signature monologues can fix things…


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