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Kate Winslet and Todd Haynes team up to make Mildred Pierce the gayest HBO miniseries ever

Fresh off the heels of Grey Gardens' queer-friendly Emmy triumph, HBO has greenlit another classic American story featuring a titan of the silver screen playing a gay icon. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Kate Winslet will take on the lead role in Todd Haynes' 5 hour miniseries adaptation of Mildred Pierce, James M. Cain's noir-hued novel about a selfless mother who sacrifices everything for her ungrateful brat of a daughter.

Real-life supermom Joan Crawford semi-ironically won an Oscar for her betrayal of the Saintly mother in the 1945 Michael Curtiz-directed Mildred Pierce. We trust Haynes and Winslet to class up pay cable so we remain highly optimistic about this pairing of star, director and cable institution.


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