Variety is reporting that Kate Walsh, Anthony Rapp (Rent), and Jonathan Bennett (Mean Girls) have signed on to star in Modern Love, a film that’s being described as a “gay marriage drama.” Modern Love is being directed by documentary filmmaker Joshua Tunick, based on a script that Tunick wrote himself. Variety says the plot revolves around “an intimate group” of people who are celebrating the wedding of two gay friends. When the ceremony “hits a snag,” though, the friends have to work together to show the grooms that “all marriages have their challenges.” Obviously that last part is a huge spoiler, since now we know that the movie is going to end on a touching lesson, but hopefully it doesn’t keep anyone from enjoying the movie. Although, spoilers aside, we’ve got a feeling there’s a (constantly shrinking) percentage of people out there who wouldn’t enjoy a gay marriage drama anyway. Oh well, nobody really cares about those people.