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Kate Walsh and Anthony Rapp to star in “gay marriage drama”

Variety is reporting that Kate Walsh, Anthony Rapp (Rent), and Jonathan Bennett (Mean Girls) have signed on to star in Modern Love, a film that’s being described as a “gay marriage drama.” Modern Love is being directed by documentary filmmaker Joshua Tunick, based on a script that Tunick wrote himself. Variety says the plot revolves around “an intimate group” of people who are celebrating the wedding of two gay friends. When the ceremony “hits a snag,” though, the friends have to work together to show the grooms that “all marriages have their challenges.” Obviously that last part is a huge spoiler, since now we know that the movie is going to end on a touching lesson, but hopefully it doesn’t keep anyone from enjoying the movie. Although, spoilers aside, we’ve got a feeling there’s a (constantly shrinking) percentage of people out there who wouldn’t enjoy a gay marriage drama anyway. Oh well, nobody really cares about those people.


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