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Kate Micucci desperately tries to fit in with the rest of HarmonQuest in this exclusive clip

Screenshot: HarmonQuest

As anyone who’s recently tried can tell you, it’s practically impossible to find the time and people for a night of Pathfinder or Dungeons & Dragons campaigning. Roll20 has eased the recruitment process a bit, but if you still have neither the availability nor the adventurers, series like Critical Role, Force Grey, and the resurrected HarmonQuest scratch the spelunking itch.

So far in season three of HarmonQuest, VRV’s live-action/animation hybrid, the band of not-so-merry adventurers has tried in vain to undo the terrible, world-ending mistake that also claimed the life of Fondue (Dan Harmon, who also created the series) last season. In an effort to rewrite the past, Beor (Erin McGathy), Boneweevil (Jeff B. Davis), and the rest of the party set out in search of the “Beast Of Beginning.” Sunday’s episode takes the group through siblings Beor and Limerick’s homeland, where they meet a “strange Druid” voiced by Kate Micucci, who introduces herself in a very Kate Micucci way—by making things as awkward as possible in just a few seconds.

Will the horny elf successfully join the campaign without propositioning anyone else, or will she be left in the Barbarian land? Our money is on the latter, but we’ll find out Sunday.


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