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Kate McKinnon reimagines Jeff Sessions as Forrest Gump on Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live

Some members of the Trump administration have a weird habit of meeting with people and then forgetting about that meeting until someone presents proof that the meeting took place, perhaps none more than Attorney General Jeff Sessions. So in another breakout sketch on this week’s Saturday Night Live, Kate McKinnon brought back her Sessions character and presented him as a modern Forrest Gump, sitting on a bench and telling strangers about all of the exciting people he’s met. Of course, McKinnon’s Sessions is a bit more prone to make vaguely racist comments about his box of chocolates than Gump was, and he ran across the country to avoid getting in trouble for perjury, but beyond that it’s pretty on the nose. Also, in a surprising crossover, SNL host Octavia Spencer showed up as her character from The Help to present Sessions with a “special pie.”

You can see the clip below.

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