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Kate McKinnon promotes Rudy Giuliani's terrible law firm in cut-for-time SNL sketch

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Screenshot: SNL (YouTube)

Saturday Night Live only has so much time in a given week, especially when so much of it is reserved for Weekend Update and whether or not Alec Baldwin can get his bad Trump impression ready on time, and that means there are often reasonably fine sketches that simply get cut for time. This week, one such sketch is this solid commercial parody in which Kate McKinnon’s Rudy Giuliani promotes a law firm that is specially targeted to criminals who definitely did crimes and who don’t seem particularly interested in obscuring that fact. Giuliani even gets some help from his very American associates Lev Parnas (Beck Bennett) and Igor Fruman (David Harbour), who were both arrested a few days ago for their role in Trump’s ongoing Ukraine bullshit as they tried to leave the country—a fact helpfully explained in the sketch, in case you cut out the middleman and just get your news from SNL.


The clip, which you can see below, also features testimonials from very American clients, and a nice rundown of other service offered by Giuliani And Associates (like “one-way travel to a foreign country,” “mistress go-aways,” and “TV/VCR repair”). They also the tagline “we may not have passed the bar, but we’ve definitely lowered it,” which sounds like the kind of clever line that a writer came up with before the rest of the sketch was fleshed out.

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