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Photo: Jon Kopaloff (Getty Images)

Tonight, at the Golden Globes, Ellen DeGeneres was presented with the second-ever Carol Burnett Award (the show’s new TV equivalent to the Cecil B. DeMille film award), but before DeGeneres took the stage and gave a very good and funny speech—including callouts to her “husband Mark” and the classic reminder for her kids at home to go to bed—Kate McKinnon made a speech of her own about the impact that DeGeneres has had on LGBTQ representation on television.


The clever central gag of McKinnon’s speech was that she was reading off a list of things she got from DeGeneres, including big stuff like the confidence to embrace the fact that she’s gay and could still be a TV star alongside small stuff like the specific clothing items that McKinnon has stolen from when she pretends to be DeGeneres on the Ellen show. It was very funny and very touching, and it was obvious that the arc of DeGeneres’ career has meant a whole lot to McKinnon. Here’s a clip:


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