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Kate McKinnon in talks for Danny Boyle's '60s music comedy

Photo: Mike Coppola (Getty Images)

Danny Boyle doesn’t usually make comedy movies, but that might not matter now that he’s lining up a ringer for the 1960s-set “music-themed” comedy he’s developing with writer Richard Curtis. According to Variety, Kate McKinnon—the best part of several movies and several seasons of Saturday Night Live—is “in negotiations” to join the cast of the untitled film. We don’t know anything about the movie beyond its setting and the fact that it’s somehow related to music, and we also don’t know anything about what McKinnon’s role in the story might be (or if she’ll be a lead or a scene-stealing supporting player).

Danny Boyle is currently working on the script for the next James Bond movie, which he also intends to direct. If we’re lucky, though, maybe McKinnon can really impress Boyle and he can convince the studio to cast McKinnon as the new Bond. That would be a fun choice.


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