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Kate Bush to publish a book of her lyrics

Photo: Chris Moorhouse (Getty Images/Evening Standard/Hulton Archive)

Last time we heard from Kate Bush was in 2016 when she turned her legendary Before The Dawn live show/multimedia spectacular into an album (not counting the time she had to specifically clarify that nobody had asked her to play Coachella and that she’d never do it anyway), but her next release is going to be significantly more low-key. According to The Guardian, she’s working with publisher Faber to release a book of her song lyrics called How To Be Invisible, and it will include a “comprehensive introduction” from novelist—and Bush collaborator—David Mitchell. In a statement, Mitchell said that Bush is “the creator of musical companions that travel with you through life,” and while her lyrics are “avowedly idiosyncratic,” they also “evoke emotions and sensations that feel universal.”

How To be Invisible will be Bush’s first book, though as far as we know it’ll be exclusively pre-written/released material. Also, The Guardian doesn’t know which of Bush’s songs will be included in the book, but it will be released later this year, so we shouldn’t have to wait too long to find out.


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