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In a development that surely cannot be the result of incurring the envy of every other female singer-songwriter on Earth with the huge publicity and glowing reviews around her first live show in 35 years, local officials have warned Kate Bush that if she doesn’t take immediate action, her house is going to fall into the sea. And not metaphorically.


In a coincidence that absolutely cannot be a curse laid by a jealous rival, because witchcraft isn’t real, a cliff near Bush’s home in Devon, England, collapsed in a landslide last year, leaving Bush’s residence perilously close to the precipice. “If you live there you can either accept it and let your house fall into the sea, or you can take action to prevent further damage, although that can cost hundreds of thousands,” Devon City Councilman Steve Gardner tells a local newspaper. Tori Amos has presumably been cleared of all wrongdoing, although several of her faerie friends are being held for questioning.

[via Pitchfork]

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