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Kate Bush’s Before The Dawn show is finally being released as a live album

(Photo: Ken McKay/Fish People)
(Photo: Ken McKay/Fish People)

When half-faerie singer-songwriter Kate Bush returned to the stage in 2014 after a 35-year hiatus with her Before The Dawn live show, people went nuts. However, most of her fans—excited though they were—didn’t get to experience the multimedia dance and puppet show in any capacity, since it was only put up 22 times, and every one of those performances was at the Hammersmith Apollo in London. Two nights were apparently recorded, but the tapes must have been sent off westward on a ship toward the Undying Lands, because we mere mortals never got to see them. Now though, fans will finally be able to hear Before The Dawn, if not see it, because it’s being released as a live album, according to Bush’s website.

The 3-CD or 4-vinyl record collection is being released on Bush’s Fish People label and distributed by Rhino beginning on November 25. Here’s just a taste of all else that is to come.


Kate Bush—Before The Dawn


  1. Lily
  2. Hounds of Love
  3. Joanni
  4. Top Of The City
  5. Never Be Mine
  6. Running Up That Hill
  7. King of the Mountain


  1. Astronomer’s Call (spoken monologue)
  2. And Dream Of Sheep
  3. Under Ice
  4. Waking The Witch
  5. Watching Them Without Her (dialogue)
  6. Watching You Without Me
  7. Little Light
  8. Jig Of Life
  9. Hello Earth
  10. The Morning Fog


  1. Prelude
  2. Prologue
  3. An Architect’s Dream
  4. The Painter’s Link
  5. Sunset
  6. Aerial Tal
  7. Somewhere In Between
  8. Tawny Moon
  9. Nocturn
  10. Aerial
  11. Among Angels
  12. Cloudbusting

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