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Poetry majors and professional jugglers around the world are squealing with delight today after Kate Bush announced that she will be playing live for the first time in 35 years. The announcement was made this morning on katebush.com, and was met with such enthusiasm that her site crashed, according to The Telegraph.


Many fans believed that Bush would never play live again. Over the years she’s cited many reasons why, from a fear of flying to the desire to control her image to the tragic death of her lighting director Bill Dufield during her last (and only) tour in 1979. The famously reclusive singer has been hinting at a return to the stage since 2011, when she told Mojo, “'Maybe I will do some shows some day. I'd like to think so before I get too ancient”.

If American fans want to see Kate Bush live, they’ll have to cross the ocean: The Before the Dawn “tour” consists of 15 shows at London’s Hammersmith Apollo between August 26 to September 19. If you happen to live in London—or you have a Kate Bush emergency savings account set up for this very purpose—tickets go on sale at 9:30 AM GMT (5:30 AM EST) on March 28. Further ticket details are available on Bush’s website.

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