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Kate Beckinsale, through some twist of fate, offered role in her husband's Total Recall remake

With Colin Farrell set to square off against Bryan Cranston in the get-your-ass-to-Euromerica remake of Total Recall, attention has now turned to finding the ladies who will help and/or hate him (or help then hate him, and vice versa). And while Eva Mendes and Rosario Dawson are currently the favorites to play the “brunette, athletic, sleazy, and demure” Melina, the search is on for someone to play Lori, Quaid’s blonde, virtual tennis-playing wife portrayed in a star-making turn by Sharon Stone in the original. And by “search” we mean director Len Wiseman just sort of glanced around his kitchen, saw wife Kate Beckinsale standing there, and decided he better cast her in another one of his movies. Anyway, Deadline reports that Beckinsale has been “offered” the role, but let’s just assume that she’s got it.


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