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Kate Beckinsale sounds extremely done with the Underworld franchise

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Kate Beckinsale’s career has a pretty clear dividing line running through it: There’s the period drama and romantic comedy stuff on one side, running the gamut from Much Ado About Nothing to the recent The Only Living Boy In New York, and then there’s the part where she kills the shit out of vampires and werewolves. (Or, sorry, Lycans.) Beckinsale has made five critically crapped-upon Underworld movies (and one kind of fun Van Helsing flick) over the last decade-and-a-half, most recently with 2017's blood-guzzling crapfest Underworld: Blood Wars.


But no more! In a recent Variety interviewmeant to promote her vampire-free motherhood drama Farming—the actress fielded a question about returning to the very shiny leather boots of vampiric murder machine Selene, in about as flat and definitive a way as we can probably imagine: “I wouldn’t return,” she noted briskly. “I’ve done plenty of those.”

Elsewhere in that same interview, Beckinsale hinted at just how done she is with certain parts of her career, noting that at least one movie she’s really proud of—2008 journalism thriller Nothing But The Truth—had its release destroyed by a distributor’s bankruptcy, while, “I’ve also made films that I despised and would have been happy to have them buried.” She didn’t name names specifically—and it’s not like her resumé doesn’t have its fair share of non-Underworld stinkers on it, like Click—but it’s hard not to read between the lines to find her feelings about her bullet time-heavy, sword-wielding past. 

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