Abdul-Jabbar promoting his Mycroft Holmes novel last year. (Photo: Getty Images)

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is following the standard post-basketball career arc for a 19-time NBA All-Star player: Write a non-fiction book about an all-black tank battalion during World War II, land a gig as a regular columnist for Time Magazine, accept a position as cultural ambassador for the United States, and publish a mystery novel about Sherlock Holmesā€™ even smarter older brother. Basketball player stuff. Now heā€™s making the next logical step and spinning his mystery novel out into a five-issue comic book series, according to a press release.

Mycroft Holmes And The Apocalypse Handbookā€”co-written alongside novelist Raymond Obstfeld with illustrations by Joshua Cassaraā€”will not be an adaptation of Abdul-Jabbarā€™s 2015 novel, Mycroft Holmes, which he wrote with Anna Waterhouse. Instead, it will tell a new story of how the titular genius bureaucrat is sent by Queen Victoria on an international adventure to bring down a madman who has come into possession of a weapon capable of destroying 19th Century civilization.


While the elder Holmes brother only appears (or is referenced in) four stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, heā€™s been portrayed numerous times on screen, most notably by Christopher Lee in Billy Wilderā€™s 1970 film The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes and by Mark Gatiss in the BBCā€™s Sherlock. The government worker has previously been utilized as a main character by a number of other authors, including Michael P. Hodel and Sean M. Wright, whose 1979 novel Enter The Lion: A Posthumous Memoir Of Mycroft Holmes originally sparked Abdul-Jabbarā€™s interest in the character. ā€œI realized more could be done with this ā€˜older, smarterā€™ character and his window onto the highest levels of British governmentā€”at a time when Britain was the most powerful country in the world,ā€ the 69-year-old athlete-turned-author said when his novel was published last year.

The first issue of Mycroft Holmes And The Apocalypse Handbook will be available through Titan Comics beginning August 3.

(Photo: Titan Comics)