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Kanye's back in Chicago, and on his bullshit

Photo: Randy Holmes (Getty Images)

The season is changing, and with it, the state of Kanye West. Over the last year, we’ve seen Kanye on a lot of things: The soapbox, the defensive, his hustle, and the couch of an ABC talk show, talking about his tastes re: jerking off. But now the Ye rapper is back at last on his home turf: His bullshit. (And also the city of Chicago.)


As noted by Vulture, West went on an Instagram marathon earlier today, releasing a series of videos loosely themed around the idea of famous men who might have talked shit about his wife. Specifically, West—who describes himself as being “up out of the Sunken Place,” a reference both to Get Out and to his recent conversations about dealing with being bi-polar—launched into monologues addressing Nick Cannon, Drake, and model Tyson Beckford, all for comments he perceived as disrespecting him in regards to Kim Kardashian West. (And just in case you were worried we might not be firmly planted in Bullshit Land, West’s concerns are very clearly about what each men’s comments say about him, not Kim.)

On the plus side, though, West filmed all the videos while walking under Chicago’s famed El tracks, so fans of urban architecture can play a little game of trying to figure out which stations he’s near when he, say, yells at Drake for writing a song about a woman named “KiKi,” or puts Cannon just generally on blast. It’s like a fun little scavenger hunt, where the goal is to find exposed metal girders and toxic masculinity!


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