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Kanye West would apparently like Danny McBride to play him in a movie about his life

Screenshot: Jimmy Kimmel Live (YouTube)

There will be a Kanye West biopic at some point. Even if he has to finance, write, direct, and play every character in it himself, West will undoubtedly want to put his life story on the big screen regardless of whether anyone else wants to see it. And while we’re sure any film made about West will be at least slightly bizarre, an interview with Danny McBride from last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live gives a hint as to the dimensions of oddity we could expect if the musician gets a say in its casting.

While appearing on the show to promote the upcoming The Righteous Gemstones, McBride told a story about meeting West that, as should be expected, is filled with unexpected curve balls. McBride says he ended up hanging out with West after receiving a phone call from him out of nowhere (that he initially thought was a prank). Soon enough, West had flown out to McBride’s place in Charleston, South Carolina, dressed for a summer day out on the actor’s boat in “a heavy-duty sweatshirt and sweatpants.” Later, they sat around and watched McBride’s seven-year-old play Fortnite for a while.


Most importantly, their meeting was prompted by West wanting to talk about his ideas for a movie “about the story of his life.”

“He wanted me to play him,” McBride says.

“Oh wow,” Kimmel replies. “That’s great.”

After talking a bit about the rest of their big day out, Kimmel says that, “If this project goes forward, I’d love to play Kim Kardashian opposite your Kanye.”

The crowd laughs, which makes sense on the surface, but, really, considering how good McBride is at playing self-sabotaging celebrities with terrible opinions, maybe him taking on the role of present-day Kanye West isn’t such a terrible idea.

[via Billboard]

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