Having already released the greatest album of the year, made MTV what they are today, singlehandedly saved New Orleans, and split the atom with his bare fucking hand, Kanye West is apparently also planning to conquer the publishing world next year with his literary debut, Thank You And You're Welcome, according to advertisements on his (obsessively updated) blog reading "My new book! It's dope…10 bucks." For those who might need the extra sales pitch of hearing what it's actually, you know, about, West writes:

"[It's] an entertaining volume of 'Kanye-isms'—the creative, humorous and insightful philosophies and anecdotes used in creating my path to success. It captures the same wit, playful irony and piercing insight found abundant in my lyrics."

Oh man! An entire volume of witty, playful insights like "Heard they'd do anything for a Klondike / Well I'd do anything for a blonde dyke"? Suck on that T.S. Eliot! But don't take our snark for it: His fans are already lining up for pre-orders, judging by comments like these:

"Ok..now im freaked out! i had a dream about this the other nite! X"

"That's definitely a good format for your first book… so many modern recording artists would just get the ghostwriter from the NYTimes Music section, write a corny MTV Biography that has alot of words but doesn't really say anything, and call it a day. This accentuates the down to earth side of you that many of us true fans know."

"I love books."