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Kanye West to premiere SWISH live at Madison Square Garden

West at the Yeezy Season 2 launch event (Photo: Getty Images)

Answering the heretofore hypothetical question of how big of a building is required to contain Kanye West’s ego, Pitchfork reveals that the rapper and supportive reality-show spouse plans to unveil “the best album of all time,” SWISH, live at Madison Square Garden on February 11. Billed as “Yeezy Season 3,” the gigantic listening party will include a performance by artist Vanessa Beecroft, who also collaborated with West on his “Runaway” video, an 808s And Heartbreak private listening party, and the choreography on his Yeezus tour. It’s not clear yet if West himself will perform, as he has at previous launch events, or just sit on stage smiling and nodding along with his own music.

Like the launches of West’s “Yeezy Season 1” and “Yeezy Season 2”—both fashion lines—the event will be live streamed into theaters around the world. New Yorkers, as well as devotees willing to make the pilgrimage, can buy tickets to the Madison Square Garden event starting January 29 at 10 AM ET, with tickets to the live-streaming events presumably going on sale shortly afterward.


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