In news destined to send shock waves through the world of business and entertainment, Kanye West, a rapper-producer known for his humility and quiet dignity, is scheduled to bring West Coast fast food franchise Fatburger to his native Chicagoland. How will Kanye's Fatburger chains differ from other franchises? For starters, customers will be encouraged to throw giant temper tantrums if they don't get the prize they want in kids meals. Furthermore, the hands-on, perfectionist hip hop superstar is sure to log a lot of hours manning the drive-thru window. Early reports indicate he'll be happy to freestyle for anyone who super-sizes their extra value meal, and that Kanye's Fatburgers will draw heavily from fast-food franchises run by old soul musicians.

Fatburger patrons: is this something us Chi-Town Squid Brains should be excited about? In less pressing news, Kanye is reportedly handling much of the production for Jay-Z's next album, tentatively titled The Blueprint 3. Read more here