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On the occasion of his first PornHub Awards as creative director, Kanye West premiered the video for “I Love It,” a short-and-sweet collaboration with Lil Pump, Adele Givens, and Spike Jonze. West directed the video, in which he and Lil Pump dress like Stop Making Sense extras and trail after Givens, who fires off a sex-positive riff between Ye’s verses.

“I Love It” has no shot at song of the summer this late in the season, though we’re willing to bet that West’s “I’m a sick fuck / I like a quick fuck” refrain will be memed in short order. But maybe West, who recently scored a lifetime PornHub subscription for, er, waxing on about the service, was looking to the future—that is, the year 6918 (“heh”—Kanye West), which is when last night’s PornHub Awards ceremony was set.


[via Pitchfork]

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