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Illustration for article titled Kanye West punched a photographer just for asking him dozens of annoying questions

Kanye West allegedly assaulted a photographer last Friday—and when we say “allegedly” we mean “totally,” because it’s on video and everything. The scuffle happened after the member of the paparazzi kept pressing West for answers to inane questions. West asked him to stop, and when the photographer refused, West came out swinging. In the video, West tells the photographer that “what you’re trying to do is get me in trouble” and while, arguably, West could have just not punched the dude, the photographer is being incredibly annoying. West also probably gets that kind of treatment every second he’s not at home, so, yeah, maybe he has kind of a right to be an asshole to the guy.


All that being said, punching is wrong and TMZ is reporting that West may face felony charges for attempted robbery—of the dude’s camera, presumably—rather than battery, given the Los Angeles Police Department’s policy of going after an offender for the most serious charge.

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