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Kanye West might have to pay the city of L.A. $2,000 because he punched a paparazzo

Kanye West has been charged with attempted grand theft and misdemeanor battery following his July scuffle with a paparazzo at LAX. The rapper will be arraigned Oct. 10, but isn’t required to attend if he has an attorney. If West is convicted of all counts—which he probably won’t be, given plea bargains and everything—he could face either a year in jail or a steep $2,000 fine, which has the potential to keep him from buying flowers for his house for several hours.

Daniel Ramos, the photographer that West punched, is still suing the rapper in civil court, alleging assault, battery, and negligence. Ramos says West threw him to the ground, causing serious damage to his hip, and says he tried to steal his camera—hence the grand theft charge.


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