Always the enigma (or something), Kanye West has deleted all tweets from his stream-of-consciousness Twitter account and replaced them with a single phrase: “June Eighteen.” Rumors have been flying for a while that West has already completed a new record, so speculation has naturally followed that this could be West's cryptic way of announcing its release date. Or, it could also be the date his celebri-spawn made with the leather-maternity wear-clad Kim Kardashian is due, a.k.a. the moment all our lives change forever. Either way, June 18, everybody!

The record West is said to have finished would be his sixth full-length, and it's reportedly already been played for employees at West’s label, Def Jam. Peter Rosenberg, a DJ at New York's Hot97, says he’s been told the tracks are “dark.” Still, he hasn’t actually heard the record, so take that with a grain of salt. “Dark” salt.


One thing that is for certain is that West is set to appear on the season finale of Saturday Night Live with Ben Affleck. That airs May 18, so music industry insiders are speculating West may drop a new single before then. He’s also set to headline New York’s Governor’s Ball on June 9.