Only days after the makers of Theraflu rushed to prevent a nationwide epidemic of those who have been humiliated by Kanye West trying vainly to staunch their shame with hot acetaminophen water, Kanye has bowed to corporate pressure—and civil responsibility—and renamed the track. The song previously known as “Theraflu” is now titled “Way Too Cold,” announced on his official website as a “creative decision” that is purely creative, and not at all influenced by the implied threat of legal action.


Speaking of creative things, the single’s original artwork has also been altered from a bottle of Theraflu with big naked boobs wearing a fur coat to a whited-out substitute, which could really be any generic cold and flu treatment with big naked boobs wearing a fur coat, like the sort you’d find at your local drugstore. Anyway, you should now begin referring to the song as “Way Too Cold” accordingly, or continue referring to it as “that song about Kim Kardashian that Kanye is going to be really embarrassed about in like three months.”