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Kanye West launches own search engine

Just when we thought we'd finally get through a whole day without a Kanye-related news story, someone alerted us to the premiere of West's very own Google-powered search engine—which apparently functions just like a regular search engine, except it says "Kanye West" in the corner. Of course, to get the real benefit of Search With Kanye West, you'll need to install a toolbar that will steal all of your pertinent marketing demographic information—presumably feeding it back to Kanye himself, so he can focus-test them and come up with more relatable pop-culture references (like Snakes On A Plane!) for his next album—but isn't that a small price to pay for earning "swag bucks" which can supposedly be redeemed for things like iPhones, MacBooks, and limited-edition Kanye posters? Hmmm? Anyway, crass cross-promotion and a complete lack of a reason to exist is sort of beside the point: No longer do you have to be a slave to Ask.com, Yahoo!, or the white man's Google. Give a black man a chance and let Kanye be your guide to the wide, wonderful world of the web!


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