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Kanye West is taking their "feud" to Jimmy Kimmel's show tomorrow

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Perhaps sensing that posting SpongeBob SquarePants photos and talking in all-caps on Twitter isn’t the best way to refute being characterized as an impetuous child, Kanye West will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live tomorrow night, Kimmel just announced. As Kimmel is all too aware that we now live in a state of constant suspicion, he’s reassured everyone that their entire “feud” was not all just a setup for this interview, and tomorrow night will not see the two of them laughing about how they’d concocted a brilliant stunt that doubles as cutting commentary on the public’s fascination with celebrity and the undue weight given to their social media exchanges. Though it’s still unclear whether, as we theorized, Kanye West will reveal that the past few years of his behavior have all been a viral stunt accomplishing the same.

So, who knows what they’ll talk about? Perhaps they’ll have a very illuminating discussion about those inherent prejudices in the music industry that Kanye was railing against in the first place. Perhaps we’ll all examine our own responses to the self-aggrandizement of artists. Or perhaps they’ll just make nice, and Kimmel will make some more innocuous jokes about jogging pants and Ben Affleck, and Kanye will plug his album and tour. Find out tomorrow.

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