Photo: Neilson Barnard (Getty Images for Adidas)

Kanye West doesn’t appear on late-night shows very often, possibly because he has a tendency to say and do controversial things when people give him a platform like that (or when he just hops on stage and takes the platform for himself), but West is set to make his big return to Jimmy Kimmel Live! later this week. This will be West’s first appearance on the show since 2013, and Kimmel announced the news on Twitter with a note that “Hurricane Kanye” will be hitting on Thursday:


The phrasing there obviously implies that some dramatic stuff is going to happen, which will be nice for the pop culture news industry. It’s been months since we were able to get multiple articles out of Kanye West every week, back in the golden age of spring 2018 when West was doing the whoopdedy-scoop-poop-poop, thinking about putting the doctor who performed the surgery that killed his mom on an album cover, talking about how slavery was a choice and how much he loves Donald Trump, and—oh yeah—releasing some albums. We’ve barely heard from him at all since then, so people are going to be dropping hot takes even if he just does a totally straight, low-key interview with Kimmel about normal things that a major celebrity would talk about. Maybe he’ll even share a funny story about something that happened to him while on the way to Kimmel’s show? That would be hardcore.