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Earlier this year, Kanye West reportedly sold a million-dollars’ worth of merch at the first Life Of Pablo pop-up shop in New York earlier this year, which is just a drop in the bucket for someone who’s supposedly $53 million in debt. Well, West shouldn’t be having any cash flow issues after this weekend. He’s taking the Life Of Pablo pop-up shop to a global scale: On August 19, West is opening 21 temporary stores across the globe. People all around the world will soon be able to join together to wait in line for hours and hours to buy extremely expensive merch. It’s an international holiday!

In addition to West’s hometown of Chicago, Life Of Pablo pop-ups will pop up in Portland, Detroit, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Miami, New York, and Boston. Sorry, middle America. There aren’t a whole lot of store options for you. On the international stage, Life Of Pablo is popping up in Toronto, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Cape Town, Singapore, Melbourne, and Sydney. Each city will have customized hoodies and T-shirts that spell out the city’s name in Cali Thornhill DeWitt’s gothic script.


The exact locations of the pop-ups won’t be announced until 24 hours before opening, at which time, the troves of West fans—powerful and plentiful enough to nearly shut down New York. But the Governors Ball mishap wasn’t something that fazes West. He looks in the face of a failed pop-up concert and says “time to do something like this again but in 21 cities all over the world.” While getting into one of the pop-ups won’t likely be easy, it’ll hopefully be easier (and, at least, more affordable) than getting your hands on a real-life pair of Yeezys.

[via Vogue]

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