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Kanye West gives up on nudity, teams with Adidas for new line of Yeezy stores

(Photo: Adidas)

Kanye West, like most people who would probably describe themselves as geniuses, can be a little fickle. One minute, he’s a sensitive guy with complex emotions and feelings about stuff, and the next he’s jumping on a stage and getting in another wacky feud with some famous person. In fact, just the other day he released a music video exposing how great it is to use naked celebrities without getting their permission, and now he’s teaming up with Adidas to make stores dedicated to his Yeezy clothing line. So should we all be naked or should we wear clothes? It’s hard to keep up.

This Adidas news comes from Fact Magazine, which says West and the company have signed a “long-term deal” to create “a line of activewear and stores strictly dedicated to his Yeezy line.” Up until now, the Yeezy line was more of a “street” or “lifestyle” thing, but Adidas says that expanding to activewear will “[open] up the sports world to Kanye’s creativity.” Also, the company says the deal is the “most significant ever between a non-athlete and an athletic brand,” and West adds that it “illustrates that anyone with a dream can dream without limitations”—which is the Kanye West version of bland, press release language like “most significant ever.”


We don’t know where or when these Yeezy stores will open up, but we imagine somebody out there will put on a big show of announcing details like that. Also, it’s unclear if you’ll need a Tidal account just to get through the door, but you might want to sign up just in case.

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