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In what we can only assume was a courtly, measured affair of shared admiration, light ribaldry, and only the gentlest of flirtations between woo-er and woo-ee, Pitchfork reports that Kanye West has finally agreed to help the professional masturbation facilitators at PornHub creatively direct their first annual awards show. PornHub has reportedly been after West to serve as creative director of The PornHub Awards for some time now, presumably in the expectation that he could deliver a performance capable of wiping other adult film awards shows away like so many hastily cleared-out browser histories.

West’s pilgrimage to this higher calling began a few weeks ago, when PornHub recognized their mutual interest in Kanye West’s personal pleasure, gifting him a lifetime premium subscription to the company’s services after he expressed his love for the site on Kimmel. Earlier this week, we reported that the two icons of unrelenting self-gratification had entered negotiations to team up for the event, which is currently happening in Los Angeles tonight. (West is streaming it on his wegotlove web site—and if you couldn’t figure out that that particular link is NSFW right now, god have mercy on your soul.)

Per Pitchfork, West ended up taking the gig, providing design work on the show’s award statuettes, styling the award presenters, and promising both a new song (“I Love It,” featuring Lil Pump), and a video from his occasional collaborator Spike Jonze.


Anyway, between this and getting to be on Family Feud, we can now safely assume that Kanye West has achieved pretty much all of his highest artistic passions in life, and will now retire to a villa somewhere in the south of France to write his memoirs and quietly live out the rest of his days.

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