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Kanye West fan goes guerrilla, creates 2-hour Yeezus concert film

A little less than a year ago, Kanye West turned his official website into a full on teaser trailer for a Yeezus tour concert film directed by music video impresario Hype Williams. The world went ape-shit with anticipation and speculation, and then nothing happened. Not content to live in a world without a document of what comedian and rap aficionado Chris Rock has described as “the best tour ever,” the Internet sprung to action.

Using YouTube footage collected from every show of the 38-date tour, John Colandra, who roams the Kanyetothe forum under the name Jediswag has created the ultimate Yeezus fan film. Evidently, the project took him seven months to complete, and it shows. The whole thing is a pretty meticulous and well-put together recreation of the show from top to bottom. It even starts with performances from tour opener Kendrick Lamar.


So while the world patiently awaits the delivery of a long promised official doc—and a new album while West is at it—at least we have something to relive the glory days of when the Steve Jobs of rap held nightly conversations on a fake mountain with Jesus Christ while wearing a bejeweled mask designed by Margiela.

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