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Kanye West changes his mind, is now firmly anti-Trump

(Photo: Getty Images, Drew Angerer)

Long after everyone else in the world realized that Donald Trump is an asshole, Kanye West has finally realized that the guy banning Muslims from entering this country, threatening to wall up our borders, and who openly promoted an anti-Semitic agenda on Holocaust Remembrance day isn’t the sort of person he should be hanging around with. According to TMZ, West has deleted all of his pro-Trump tweets and explained that he no longer supports Trump, and it’s all apparently because of the president’s extremely controversial and racist immigration ban.

For those who don’t recall the weird story tying together Trump and West, it essentially started when West publicly declared that he would’ve voted for Trump (if he had voted). He later visited the then-president-elect at Trump Tower, with West appreciating the chance to highlight some policy issues he cares about and Trump appreciating the chance to be photographed with a famous rapper. In between those events, West abruptly canceled all of his tour dates and was checked into a hospital for over a week to help with his “exhaustion.” Essentially, it sounds like he was going through some stuff.


Whatever is driving West’s change of heart, it has now given Trump something else to be sad about today, which is really unfortunate.

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