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Kanye West calls out Beyoncé and Hillary Clinton, ends show after 30 minutes

(Photo: Getty Images, Kevin Winter)

Even if Kanye West hadn’t recently expressed his admiration for Donald Trump, his comments during a show on Saturday night would seem pretty Trumpy. Much like the president-elect himself, West decided to use a public platform to air his many grievances, but he decided to do it on the flying stage of his Saint Pablo tour instead of just going on Twitter like Trump does. As reported by Billboard, West got to the stage “about an hour-and-a-half late,” and after performing a few songs solo, he decided to bring out Kid Cudi—who he had some beef with earlier this year—and the two sang “Waves” together.

Things went off the rails after that, with West talking about Beyoncé and accusing her of rigging the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards (which is also a Trumpy thing to say). He claimed that Beyoncé wouldn’t perform unless she was guaranteed to win Video Of The Year, and though he said he wasn’t “trying to diss Beyoncé,” he did say that people are “playing the politics too much and forgetting who we are just to win.” He then added, “fuck winning, fuck looking cool, fuck being cool.”

West then moved on to Jay Z, asking why Jay Z refuses to talk to him. “I know you got killers,” West said, “Please don’t send them at my head. Please call me. Talk to me like a man.” He also touched on Hillary Clinton, explaining that his Saint Pablo tour is “the most relevant [thing] happening” and that “if your old ass keeps following old models, you’ll be Hillary Clinton.”


West then left the stage altogether, but not before directly addressing the media that irritates him so much by giving him the attention he so clearly despises. “Right now, press, get ready to write your passive aggressive, LeBron James racist comments, Season 4 racist comments,” West said, adding, “Get ready to have a field day, press, get ready, get ready, because the show’s over.” And over it was, with West having only been on stage for about 30 minutes.

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