Wonder what inspired him to invest in facepaint? (Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty)

Kanye West could probably make a cottage industry just out of being Kanye West and making announcements at this point, but in this case, he’s actually putting actions behind his words. TMZ reports the musician filed legal documents today regarding his plan to create a line of cosmetics under the label DONDA, which was the name of West’s mother, who died from surgery complications in 2007. Soon, you’ll be able to smell, condition, and paint your face all in service of making Yeezy wealthier, unless you just want to continue using the same products you do now.

Even more exciting, however, is what we can look forward to from the DONDA brand, if West has his way. The artist followed up the news of this legal filing with a tweet containing his other ideas for future DONDA products, and given a little luck and the assurance of hell freezing over, this will all be happening any day now:

Here is my Donda chart that I wrote 4 years ago that everyone laughed at… pic.twitter.com/g1po6Z3H55

— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) February 15, 2016

Nuclear power plants. Surveillance technology. Hovercrafts. A seven-screen movie experience. Amusements parks. A cure for cancer. This is less business plan than it is snapshot of the inside of West’s brain, a constantly alternating current of madness and inspiration, spewing conceptual ideations like a fire hose. There doesn’t seem to be any funnel for West’s plans (outside of the music thing he got very famous for doing, of course, and which lends itself nicely to logorrhea of the sort displayed here), but it’s always fun to see an ambitious gentleman indulge in Howard Hughes-like visions of a future world in which his mother’s name is inextricably associated with both pedal bikes and bioelectricity. Maybe we can just give him Earth 4 and call it a day.