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Kanye West announces 2 new albums, including one with Kid Cudi

Photo: Daniel Boczarski (Getty Images for VEVO)

This week, Kanye West announced that a recent string of galaxy brain tweets he posted were actually a philosophy book that he’s writing “in real time,” but it turns out that he actually has some more traditional creative outputs in the works as well. Today, in another series of tweets, West revealed that he’s putting out a new 7-song album on June 1, but that’s literally all of the information he gave up:


That’s not much for us to go off of, but thankfully West also announced a second album that we know slightly more about. The second album is coming out a week later on June 8, and it will be a collaboration between West and Kid Cudi under the name Kids See Ghost.


And that’s all we’ve got, at least until West reveals that these tweets actually are the albums. Also, here’s another tweet that isn’t about his music, but it’s really good and more people should see it:


[via Pitchfork]

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