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Kanye West and Taylor Swift apparently have reached "hi-five" status

You might remember that little kerfuffle from a few years back involving Kanye West and Taylor Swift at the VMAs—or maybe you don't, seeing as how that was several dozen bullshit celebrity feuds ago. Anyway, it appears that any ill will that the two superstars might have felt toward each other in the past has rolled away like temporary bad vibes between two long-time bros. In a New Yorker profile on Swift, writer Lizzie Widdicombe describes seeing a potentially tense stand-off between the country singer and West at a New York "costume gala" that ended with some friendly sharing of skin.

After spotting West at the top of a stairway, Swift approached cautiously and "as she neared the door, he held a hand out, and they exchanged a studiedly casual 'down low' high five." Of course, the "down low" isn't quite as warm as "up high," but we're talking baby steps here. [Via Vulture]


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