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Kanye West and Nicki Minaj are the latest judges rumored for American Idol, to Mariah Carey's reported dismay

Having determined, like so many non-idol Americans, that the solution to solving its problems is to just throw money at it, American Idol is reportedly negotiating with Kanye West to join its judges' panel—a deal that could potentially "at least" match Mariah Carey's $18 million a year. Naturally, there is some hesitation at spending that much just to prove that Idol can buy more famous people than The Voice and is therefore better, TMZ reports, who adds that West is himself "on the fence" about accepting. According to the report, he's not yet convinced that American Idol is "in his wheelhouse," considering he only does reality shows for love now, and also it would require him to listen to other people.

The staffing of American Idol—which once again has generated more intense scrutiny than your average election—has also kicked up the rumor that Nicki Minaj might join, potentially mentoring aspiring singers with advice such as "Have you considered trying it in a cartoon voice, then hiring a bunch of actors to dress as priests and make out?" Still, just as quickly as that report went out, TMZ (again) kicked up another rumor that Mariah Carey "hung up the phone" when told of Minaj's recruitment, supposedly because she was told she would be the only female on the panel, and also because it makes her feel old (or something). "Many have also voiced concerns that Randy Jackson won't be returning," Randy Jackson says.


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