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The number of one’s problems has always been—at least, as far back as 1997—directly proportional to how much money one has. This continues to be the case for rappers like French Montana, who has recruited Kanye West and Nas to help him “Figure It Out” in the video for his latest song. The three millionaires (we’re guessing) take turns bemoaning their success and pertinent issues, while some motocross riders do jumps and wheelies.


Despite the title of the song, which is off Montana’s Wave Gods mixtape, Nas and West are unable to offer much advice to the Excuse My French rapper. No one even seems to think it’s a bad idea to hang out in what looks like an airfield or a luxury-jet graveyard. But it’s nice to know that their busy lives don’t prevent them from checking in with each other.

[via Pitchfork]

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