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Kanye to debut new opera Nebuchadnezzar at the Hollywood Bowl this Sunday

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As sure as the sun will rise, Kanye will find new, occasionally strange ways to remain at the forefront of our collective consciousness. (And clearly it’s working, because here we are, albeit begrudgingly. Well played, Mr. West.) Exactly one month after releasing his gospel-adjacent album, Jesus Is King, West has announced the upcoming debut of a brand new opera at the Hollywood Bowl this Sunday, November 25. Directed by long-time collaborator Vanessa Beecroft, Nebuchadnezzar will feature his faithful gospel group, Sunday Service Collective, singer Peter Collins, and family band Infinity’s Song.


Here is the synopsis, per a recent press release:

Nebuchadnezzar is an original opera, based on the biblical story of the Babylonian King from the Book of Daniel. Set in the 6th century BC, the Book of Daniel recounts Nebuchadnezzar’s transition from wicked, imperious, self-declared ruler to a true believer who finds salvation in his faith.

West conceived of this opera as an expression of his commitment to both his faith and ever-expanding musical palette. Nebuchadnezzar brings together elements from different worlds, including opera, fine art, modern dance, and gospel music, to create an innovative performance structure. West’s sound is the bridge between these art forms.


If the premise sounds far too on-the-nose, that’s by design. During an interview with Beats 1, prior to the release of his latest album, Prior to the release of his latest album Kanye mentioned plans for Nebuchadnezzar and already drew the comparisons between himself and the biblical figure so that we wouldn’t have to: “Nebuchadnezzar was the king of Babylon, and he looked at his entire kingdom and said, ‘I did this.’ And God said, ‘Oh, for real, you did this?’ Sounds kind of similar, right? I’m standing on the tip of the mountain talking about Yeezus, saying, ‘I did this. I’m a God.’” Tickets are currently available on Ticketmaster

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