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Kanye teases Yeezus followup Yandhi

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It looks like there is even more new Kanye on the horizon. Shortly after it was announced that he would be the musical guest for SNL’s season-44 premiere, Kanye West took to Twitter to share a cryptic image of a minidisc that looked suspiciously similar to the cover to his 2013 release Yeezus. Fans immediately began to speculate that a Yeezus followup was in the works and, a few hours later, Kanye all but confirmed those suspicions by tweeting the same image with accompanying text that read, “YANDHI 9 29 18.”

While the majority of Kanye’s Twitter activity can be a little difficult to parse, these two posts seem fairly straightforward. On September 29, Kanye’s performance on Saturday Night Live will coincide with the release of his ninth studio album—a sequel of sorts to his sixth studio album. Fans who have been closely following the Kanye beat will notice that this newly announced project was not part of the five albums Kanye announced earlier this year. But the 41-year-old rapper/producer seems to have entered a new prolific era, releasing multiple collaborations and two solo albums in the span of a few months.


Speaking of collaborations, Kanye hasn’t showed any sign he’s going to stop doing those either. Vulture reported that yesterday, in between posting the above cryptic messages to his fans, Kanye appeared with Chance the Rapper at an event in Chicago an officially announced the name of their upcoming collaborative album, Good Ass Job.

If you’re a Kanye fan, the next few weeks are bound to be exciting. Just remember to keep your attention on the music and do your best to avoid the other stuff we know Kanye will just keep doing.

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