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Kanye says he's done with politics

Photo: SAUL LOEB / AFP (Getty Images)

In what might finally be the light at the end of the tunnel for people still managing to publicly identify themselves as fans of Kanye West—or possibly just another oncoming train, loaded up with MAGA hats and alt-right chuds, and with “Scoopity Poop” scrawled along the side—West has said that he’s done talking about politics, at last. The musical superstar/PornHub ambassador went on Twitter today in an effort to distance himself from his buddy Candace Owens, the right-wing, climate change-denying, false flag-accusing ball of fun who recently told a crowd of people that West helped her design the logo for her new “Blexit” movement, which aims to convince black voters to abandon the Democrats in favor of the GOP.

But while there are apparently many, many things Kanye West will put up with in the interest of national unity, attention, and just generally sort of getting to do whatever the fuck he wants, getting false credit for someone else’s actions wasn’t one of them. And so he quickly pushed back against Owens’ statements, explaining that, while he introduced her to the designer of the logo in question, he had nothing to do with the movement, and wants nothing to do with it going forward, going so far as to make a general statement of his frequently left-leaning views:


As ever with Kanye2018, the question people will have to parse out for themselves here is both how much he means this statement now, and how much he’s likely to mean it tomorrow. (And for bonus points, how much of today’s move in any sort of right direction was motivated by actual politics, as opposed to insecurity and ego.) If this really does represent a movement toward some sort of Great Shutting Up, it’s hard not to see it as a shift in the right direction, allowing fans to just get back to enjoying West’s music. But in our experience, the winds of the KanyeStorm never stop blowing, and never in the same direction for very long.

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