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Kanye releases wholesome new track about family, how much he wants to have sex with them

Photo: Prince Williams (Getty Images)

Kanye West is having one of his periodic resurgences this week, presumably dictated by the lunar cycle, or extra atmospheric pollen count, or possibly just the fact that he’s just been feeling kind of horny lately. After all, he talked about his porn habits on Kimmel this week—scoring himself a lifetime Pornhub subscription in the process—and has now released a new track all about how much he admires his sisters-in-law, uh…carnally.


“XTCY” was released late last night by West’s collaborator DJ Clark Kent, who tweeted out a download link for the new track, West’s first new music since his five-album producing run earlier this year. (Complex has an embed if you’re not in the mood to download, by the way.) The track is pretty light, frivolous stuff by Ye standards, but it does have an ear-catching set of opening lines: “You got sick thoughts? I got more of ‘em. You got a sister-in-law you would smash? I got four of ‘em.”

Which, again, is a relatively sweet sentiment in Kanye world, but it’s still got to make Thanksgiving conversations feel a little awkward this year. “Pass the turkey.” “Stuffing’s good this year.” “Remember that time Brother Kanye declared his desire to fuck us, collectively, to the world?” “Mmm-hmm! Cranberry sauce?”


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