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Kanye releases new song where he literally just raps "whoopdedy-scoop-poop-poop"

Photo: Taylor Hill (Getty Images)

As part of his current (and exhaustively ongoing) marketing campaign/sudden rightward shift/one-man attempt to personally destroy Twitter, Kanye West released a new song today, titled “Lift Yourself.” West dedicated the track to DJ Ebro Darden, who, among other major black figures in the musical world, has recently been publicly critical of West’s renewed willingness to throw his support behind Donald Trump.


The song itself features a pretty standard Kanye soul beat, with a female vocalist singing, “We need to strive for liberty, lift yourself up on your feet, let’s get it on.” Then West himself comes in, unleashing some of the hardest-hitting lyrics of his career: “Whoopedy-scoop,” he raps. “Scoopedy-whoop-de-poop.”

And that’s not, like, a hackneyed dismissal of hip-hop lyrics from some dusty old music critic, either; that’s an actual quote. It goes on for quite a while from there, as West Poops and Scoops along, clearly amusing himself. Annoyingly, it’s still a pretty catchy tune—this is still Yeezy, after all—but the troll is strong with this one, something Ebro himself was quick to acknowledge:

Update, 4/27/18 at 11:02 p.m.: West followed up his obvious troll song with a much realer offering later this evening, debuting the T.I.-featuring “Ye Vs. The People” on Power 106. The song serves as a dialogue between T.I., acting as a voice of reason—“What makes you feel equal makes them feel evil”—and West, espousing the same MAGA-quoting “Don’t tell me what to think” attitude that he’s been pushing on Twitter for the last week. The song’s currently being played on repeat on Power 106; you can hear it right here.

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