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Kanye logs the fuck back on

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Nearly a full year after deactivating his Twitter and Instagram accounts with no explanation, Kanye West has logged back on. In true Kanye fashion, his first tweet after the extended absence from social media was a shot across the bow of Nike, claiming their upcoming M2K Tekno sneakers have “Yeezy 700 Vibes.” That tweet was soon deleted along with every other previous tweet on Kanye’s account. This may have led fans to believe the rapper was turning over a new leaf, scrubbing his online persona clean and starting fresh. But then Kanye West proceeded to post a series of tweets that prove he is still very much the same Kanye West.

First up, there’s a poorly framed screenshot of some tour merch he likes:


Then, a caption contest because, hey, Kanye can still have fun:


But pretty quickly we start getting into the heavy shit, like this tweet that seems to imply listening to “Saint Pablo” gave Lamar Odom the strength to walk again.


And you can file these two under “Just Kanye Thoughts.”


It should be noted that the screenshots Kanye posted this weekend, including a high-top sneaker he’s “still working to get right,” are all dated either 2016 or 2015. So, either these seemingly random posts were actually part of a marketing strategy years in the making or the internal clock on Kanye’s laptop is fucked up.


As Noisey reports, Kanye’s reappearance on Twitter, in conjunction with his return to the recording studio and generally improved mental health, may be a sign of a new era of Kanye. Perhaps this weekend’s flurry of tweets is just the start of a promotional rollout for whatever the musician/clothier/sneaker mogul has coming next. Or, maybe he was just procrastinating instead of doing his taxes this weekend. When it comes to Kanye, there’s really no way to know.

All we can hope is that, regardless of what he plans to do with this new found energy, he doesn’t get either of these very bad looking neck tattoos designed by a supposed “friend.”


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