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Kanye has, at last, explained why his sandals were too small

Photo: Randy Holmes (Getty Images)

Last week the rapper and national treasure 2 Chainz wed his longtime partner Kesha Ward at the Versace Mansion in Miami. By all appearances it was a celebration fit for a man with a $3,000 microwave: 2 Chainz’s very adorable children were in the ceremony! There was a big cake! Lil Wayne, who is much shorter than 2 Chainz, was a groomsman!

Also in attendance at the event was frequent 2 Chainz collaborator Kanye West, whose outfit caught the attention of many observers. While most had praise for Kanye’s ability to pull off a Louis Vuitton suit that looked like MC Hammer’s OR scrubs, some were less impressed with the orthopedic hovercraft Ye elected to wear on his feet.


To make matters even more Kanye, the sandals also appeared to be at least two sizes too small:

For more than a week now the mystery of Kanye’s tiny moon-shoe sandals has remained. Today, however, Kanye took a quick break from tweeting “Live, Laugh, Love” wine-mom posts and supporting 100-calorie dictators to clear things up. The sandals, you see, were actually... Japanese? Being worn “the Japanese way”?


Though a quick Google search would seem to reveal that the sandals shown in Kanye’s tweet are of the Japanese zōri variety, we are not going to pretend in any way to be an expert in Japanese footwear. Maybe he’s 100% right about all this. We will, however, point out that the sandals shown in Kanye’s tweet a) are made of wood, and b) still fit much better than what Kanye was wearing. Still, there you have it, Kanye was wearing his Yeezy slides “the Japanese way.” Expect to see teens lining up two days early outside the Supreme store in order to rock itty bitty sandals any day now.


Why Kanye’s sandals appeared to be able to serve as lifeboats in case of a water landing, or why he was wearing them with socks, has yet to be addressed.

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