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Kanye goes full garbage fire, says he’s bummed Louis CK isn’t hosting his SNL

Photo: RB/Bauer-Griffin (Getty Images)

God, but does the Kanye fatigue set in fast some times. Which is to say, professional rap contrarian Kanye West is on a diamond-encrusted roll today, proudly throwing down his support for alleged (and admitted!) sexual abusers of all shapes and stripes, which is definitely something America needed to put up with on this particular afternoon. It’s an extremely cool look, really, especially poking out, as it is, from under that goddamn MAGA hat he’s wearing again. (He says he “redesigned it” by shortening the brim, presumably removing all conceivable bad associations with that particular article of clothing.)

This is all per Fader, where West stopped by today, ostensibly to promote his upcoming album Yandhi, but apparently as part of some kind of deranged effort to make Brett Kavanaugh the second-least-liked man in America right now. First off, West made it clear that he’s including music from both the late XXXTentacion—who was accused of kidnapping and assault against a girlfriend before he died earlier this year—and 6ix9ine, who just pleaded guilty to three charges of sexual misconduct with a minor, on the upcoming album. (Out this Saturday! Tell your kids!)


But West didn’t confine his unending forgiveness to focusing merely on musical sex assholes: He also stated his disappointment that Louis CK isn’t hosting his upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live. Which is both kind of a mean swipe at poor Adam Driver, and also, you know, all the women CK has confessed to taking his unwanted dick out in front of.

On the one hand, this is normally where we’d do our damnedest to put some sort of theory about why this particular low-chill system is drifting through the KanyeStorm right now. (Besides “Attention!”) But honestly: Fuck it, fuck him, fuck the whole fucking thing. We’re out.

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