Dude, how pissed is Axl right now? He works on a record for 17 years and spends millions of dollars and all of his creative juice, only to be denied a number one spot by Kanye West, who pooped out an album in two weeks using only his damaged MacBook Air and a freeware version of Auto-Tune running on Leopard.

Not only that, GNR's long-awaited opus (reviewed right here by Chuck Klosterman!), didn't even make it to number two! That honor goes to Taylor Swift, the porny-named pop-country tartlet whose record is in its second week on the chart, SQUID BRAINS!

Not only that, but Axl has those assholes at Dr. Pepper to contend with for like, umm, sorta making him look bad because stupid people thought _he_ promised them Dr. Pepper, when actually it was Dr. Pepper who promised them Dr. Pepper.

For those keeping score: Kanye sold about 450k (WAY below his last two), Taylor managed about 267k, and GNR about 261k. Not even close. And none nearly as big as AC/DC's first week.