(Photo: Getty Images/Corbis, James Leynse)

With the Super Bowl (or “the Big Game” to those afraid of being sued by the NFL) coming in a little over a week, it’s important that everyone has a plan in place for the extremely likely scenario that they get totally wasted on beer and snack foods. Drunk driving is a serious issue, and nobody wants to put their life—or, god forbid, someone else’s life—in danger simply because they had too many beers and snack foods. (Note: If you’re having a fancy Super Bowl party, replace “beer and snack foods” with “wine and crudités.”)

This year, to give people a little extra help remembering that it’s bad idea to drink a lot and then drive a car, Frito-Lay has teamed up with Uber and Mothers Against Drunk Driving to develop a high-tech Tostitos bag that can sense if there’s alcohol on your breath when you breathe into it. Unfortunately, a USA Today report says these bags won’t actually be sold to the public—so it’s unclear why the exist in the first place—but the story does say that the news outlet “was able to get its hands on one of them and can confirm that it does indeed work,” so at least somebody at USA Today got to have some fun this week.


(Image: Frito-Lay)

If you do somehow get your hands on one of these bags, though, the police department in Lawrence, Kansas wants to make it clear that you absolutely should not trust a bag of tortilla chips to say if you should or should not drive:

The police department for Kansas’ Riley County also joined in on the fun, sending several pretty good jokes back at the Lawrence PD account:



So yeah, don’t drink and drive on Big Game Sunday (or at all), and don’t put your whole face into a bag of chips and blow. It’s super weird, and you probably won’t get invited to any Big Game parties next year.